nooLVL™ - Inositol with Bonded Arginine Silicate

nooLVL™ is a patented, non-stimulant nutritional ingredient that combines an
optimized dose of inositol with bonded arginine silicate to enhance cognitive
performance in Gamers. 

Initial clinical study results show that the bonded arginine silicate in nooLVL:
+ Improves mental acuity, focus and processing speed in subjects after a single dose1*
+ Improves cognitive flexibility in subjects after a single dose2*

nooLVL™ is the First, Clinically Studied, Nutritional Ingredient Created with Gamers in Mind

The bonded arginine silicate in nooLVL provides a highly bioavailable, longlasting form of arginine that increases nitric oxide production and blood flow^ enabling enhanced delivery of oxygen and nutrients to blood flow sensitive tissues, such as the brain.

Found in high levels in the brain, inositol is also important for maintaining overall brain health and function. When combined at a specific ratio, this optimized dose of inositol and the bonded arginine silicate work together to provide the cognitive benefits observed with nooLVL.

Following a single dose of nooLVL and 60 minutes of intense gaming, this ingredient was shown to significantly enhance performance in Gamers, specifically in relation to their: