Op Order #1

1. Situation

Weakness, complacency and mediocrity is an enemy that is constantly probing your position for points of vulnerability. It has entered your area of operations in order to disrupt you from your mission at hand. Day by day this insurgency becomes stronger as has freedom of movement

As of yet it hasn’t established a dominant presence but it’s forecast that any further delay in action will result in a untenable situation.

2. Mission

Seek out and destroy the enemy in order to re-esablish the balance of power required for you to stay mission focused. This is a no fail mission so anything less than total dominance is not an option.

3 . Execution

This mission will be executed over multiple phases all culminating in decisive action against the enemy. You are this missions main effort and as such will be expected to meet this enemy head on. All phases of the full mission profile will be supported by Force Element Performance

4 . Support

Force Element Performance will provide fire support, force multipliers and mission enablers and will be the main supporting effort in this mission.

5. Signals

Should you need to establish communications with Force Element Performance you can do so via the 'Contact Us' tab