5 Strategies To Improve Your Performance And Time Management

I read a great article the other day that was all about performance and time management. It consisted of 5 strategies to improve your work productivity and manage your time better. The reason I enjoyed it so much is because ALL of these strategies are included in my Mindset course! I was a little surprised, but also humbled and excited that other people think these strategies are so important.

The 5 strategies are:

1. Learn to say no – this is a HUGE point! Too many people say yes to everything that’s asked of them. Friends, family, work colleagues, teammates, your boss, all want things from you. Saying yes to everything is a time management and productivity killer. You’re only one person and you have priorities and tasks you need to complete. Don’t say yes to another task simply because you’ve been asked to do it.

When something is being asked of you, consider whether it’s in your best interests to say yes. If it’s not, then turn it down. Learn how to say no by explaining your situation clearly, being honest with the person and yourself.

2. Don’t take on too much – this goes hand in hand with learning to say no. If you take on too many tasks or activities (even if they are in your best interests), you’ll find you either do a little bit of everything and never seem to finish anything, or you’ll give each task only the bare minimum effort.

This is also why you need to be wary of multi-tasking. While this can seem like a great strategy to employ, consider how much attention you are actually giving each task. Are you completing the tasks to the best of your ability or simply rushing to get the job done? Also consider how much time you could save by concentrating on completing only one task before moving onto another

3. Set daily tasks – I call this my daily reflection and usually do this before bed. I write down the 3 things I MUST get done the following day. This ensures you are on task as soon as you start the working day. You’ll save time and avoid confusion or indecision in prioritising your day.

4. Self-awareness – I talk about this extensively in my course and I believe this is one of the major elements of mental toughness. Knowing your weaknesses or shortcomings will help you identify what you need to work on to improve yourself and keep moving forward. It will keep you honest and humble and help you to break through any limiting beliefs and really go after your dreams and goals

5. Personal Development – I do this constantly. I’m always trying to learn as much as possible. I buy (and complete) online courses, attend webinars, read blogs and books and talk to subject matter experts in relevant fields I’m pursuing. This also goes hand in hand with self-awareness. Once you’ve identified your weaknesses, then it’s time to improve them and better yourself.

So there you have it. 5 simple strategies to increase your performance, manage your time better and improve your mental toughness!