Iraq, Contracting And Nine Bouts Of Gastro

I wrote a short post recently on Facebook where I talked about my first experience contracting in Iraq.

Rocking up to Baghdad airport without much of a clue as to what was going on, being met by an overweight American who was profusely sweating and extremely anxious, my foray into private security contracting started nervously.

However, there was so much more to my contracting days than this first rocky experience.

They were great times.

Great experiences, great people, great job, great money.

One of the bases I was on had an entire gym donated by Arnold Schwarzenegger. A multi-million dollar facility. There was a McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King and we even had Friday night boxing fights.

My record was 1–1.

I worked with all kinds of people from all different nationalities. Guys from Kurdistan, India, Philippines, Nepal, Uganda, Japan, South Africa, America, England, New Zealand, Dominican Republic and of course Iraq.

And then there was the local bacteria to get used to. My first 3 months saw me go down with gastro 9 times!

I remember thinking I was going to die 8 of those times.

The toilets over there didn’t have an s-bend; the pipe just went straight down. A long way down. It was very disconcerting buckled over the toilet bowl with stomach cramps not knowing which end was going to explode next…

…character building.

Apart from that, life was quite easy. I worked a bit, worked out a bit, drank and watched DVDs. This was a very easy situation to become lazy and unmotivated with.

And this is exactly what I did for quite a long time. But then I realised that the current situation and easy road I was on wasn’t always going to be there.

So I made a conscious effort to develop my self-mastery. I made a conscious effort to improve myself, make a plan and move forward.

I enrolled in and completed the Ronin security course in South Africa. Another great trip!

I read books, studied and pushed to make myself better. Shortly after, I decided to attempt Selection and the rest is history.

My point with all this is...

It’s very easy to become complacent, take the easy path, get comfortable, and this is why self-mastery is so important. Self-mastery will help push you to improve, reach new levels and continue to grow. It will help you identify your weaknesses, analyse them and form a plan to better yourself.

It’s very easy to become complacent, take the easy path and get comfortable, and this is why personal development is so important. When you do decide to improve, reach new levels and continue to grow, you’ll discover new things about yourself and be open to new opportunities and experiences.

You’ll discover what you truly want in life and you’ll want to go after it.

Build a plan, form your ‘actions on’, then narrow your plan down to your very first step… and actually take action!

And when you do, you’ll be much more happier, content, driven and motivated.

What’s your passion?