Situational Awareness

Do you have good situational awareness?

With the current environment we live in, you’d better.

Most people display an astounding lack of situational awareness. Walking down the street glued to a mobile phone, driving down the road in zombie mode, or crossing the zebra crossing without looking. These are all situations where people have no clue as to what’s happening in their immediate environment and this opens them up to danger.

You only have to watch the news for 5 seconds to realise the dangerous world we live in. Work accidents, car accidents, home accidents, coward punches, road rage, terrorist attacks.

There are a myriad of situations that can harm you and your loved ones and many of these could be avoided through good situational awareness.


Having good situational awareness keeps you in the moment and tuned into your environment. Develop your situational awareness and you’ll begin to see things before they happen. This is an excellent tool to acquire as you’ll be able to foresee problems before they arise and prevent them from ever occurring.

Even if you can’t prevent problems from occurring, good situational awareness will provide you with a sense of control, a sense of awareness and calmness that will allow you to overcome any setbacks quickly and move forward.

Also, don’t expect others to do the right thing and follow the rules simply because they’re expected to. Most people have poor situational awareness and that can have a dramatic and lifelong effect on your health and wellbeing.

If someone breaks the law by being complacent and having poor situational awareness and their actions impact your life through serious injury, or worse, then what? Are you going to blame that person? Sure you can, but you’re still in a horrible situation that you could possibly have prevented if YOUR situational awareness was higher.

Think about situational awareness this way: Being alert and aware of your environment can and will save YOU from a potentially dangerous situation, but it will also save your loved ones and anyone you care about from possible hazardous occurrences.

YOU can help save your family and friends simply by choosing to be more aware. Wouldn’t you want that?

Follow these 3 steps to start employing good Situational Awareness and become enlightened to your surroundings.

  1. Start immersing yourself in your environment. Pay attention to everything around you and start seeing things before they happen.
  2. Fight the natural urge to think ‘everything is OK’. Most of the time everything IS ok and your subconscious, if you allow it, will fight the fact that your senses are picking up possible danger signs. It only takes one time for something to be ‘not OK’ and your world can change in a second. This may take time and you’ll possibly become hyper-vigilant for a while, but you’ll adjust and begin to block out what isn’t necessary and identify what is.
  3. Remain relaxed, calm and prepared. Alert, but not alarmed.

If you ARE alerted to a situation…

Take a big breath – Assess the situation – Take action